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Soufflearning workshops

Introductory workshops

The workshops are aimed at organizations for vocational training and (freelance) trainers. Here we provide information on when and where workshops are happening. To attend a workshop, please use the respective contact link.

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For details and more dates, please inquire with the national partners.
More about the workshops

The workshops provide trainers with theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to use the Soufflearning training method in SMEs. The trainers will get to know the main principles of the Soufflearning method and will experience a typical work schedule of the Soufflearning process.

The method is taught on the basis of practical examples, mainly created by the atttending trainers themselves. Based on an outlined starting situation with a clearly defined training outcome the trainers will work out a suitable training plan and motivating kick-off-workshop. They will learn how to create a checklist and role play typical accompanied training sessions and feedback talks. Finally the trainers will plan and carry out a closing workshop.

The workshop is set up as an interactive training where attendees share their knowledge, skills and techniques while learning the Soufflearning training method. Different ways of instruction are employed, such as short lectures, discussions, pair work, moderated group work, feedback rounds and role playing.

Soufflearning conferences

Here we provide information on conferences and meetings on the topic of Soufflearning. The upcoming workshops are aimed at enterprises interested in new and innovative training measures, professional trainers, VET organizations and other stakeholders in the area of advanced vocational training.

To register or seek additional information, please contact the respective organizer.

Work-based learning workshop in Bonn, GermanyLearn more…

Past events

Retrospect: German closing conference 29.06.12, Cologne

Documentation: 3. consortium conference of the project partners, 06./07.09.2012, Bonn

Documentation: 2. consortium conference of the project partners, 22./23.09.2011, Bonn

Documentation: 1. consortium conference of the project partners, 13./14.09.2010, Bonn

Photo galleries

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German final conference 2012